Selling Your Home On Social Media

27 February 2019
Selling Your Home On Social Media

As the home selling market evolves with the advent of new technology, there are a lot of potential avenues to go down when marketing a property. People in the UK traditionally used an estate agent and most estate agents use Rightmove to market their properties for sale. And that is the way it has been for many years. Selling your home on social media has never been in the playbook. Estate agents don’t use social media to its fullest on the whole, and people leave the marketing up to the person they will pay thousands of pounds to on a successful sale.

But time moves on. The way that people consume their information has changed and attention spans are getting shorter. The solution is in another way of marketing property. The future for marketing property should be in the form of a partnership between two factors –

  1. The estate agent’s expertise in marketing a property effectively
  2. The sellers social media reach through friends, family and other connections

When you think about it, this is a powerful combination. Selling your home on social media is going to provide the results that people desire.

Selling Your Home On Social Media

So how would this work?

Your estate agent at the moment is supposed to match your property to their list of existing buyers. Each estate agent should keep on top of this list so they know in an instant who would be a good match to your property. But on the whole, they don’t. I know some great estate agents who have their systems set up so they can match people straight away but these are the exceptions rather then the rule. In reality, the property is uploaded to the property portals and the estate agent waits for the phone to ring.

But under the partnership between you and your estate agent their role would change. They would be responsible for putting together great marketing in terms of the photographs and messages and you would share these with your network to promote it for sale. Your estate agent would need to become a content marketing guru. If they are not then get them in touch with me.

Between you, the result would be to get your property looking great and for it to reach as many people as possible for a low budget. Selling your home on social media is going to change the way that property is bought and sold forever.

Selling Your Home On Social Media

How can you make this happen now?

Many estate agents are not ready to make this leap at the moment. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on this strategy. You can make the most of your home for sale by sharing it on your social media profiles. Ask others to share and get the word out there. Selling your home on social media can be done, even with an estate agent that isn’t in the loop. Use the marketing they do produce to push your home for sale. If the marketing isn’t great then don’t be afraid to let them know. They work for you.

If you are involved in the process of selling a home or even buying one then my books are the ideal way for you to understand how to get the most from the process. They are filled with ideas and tips that allow you to push things forward and get more for your money. Check them out.

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