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5 December 2018

If you are looking to buy a home with a mortgage, then you have a choice to make. Your mortgage advice services can come from a number of places, and you have to think about what will be the best one for you. Get the decision on your mortgage advice services right and you can save money, understand the process and be a happy bunny! Get it wrong and you could end up losing out month after month as you make your mortgage payments.

It is that important!

Mortgage Advice Services are the key to your new home

Nobody wants a mortgage

It’s true. Nobody actually wants a mortgage. They want a home. The mortgage is a necessary evil to make that happen. So, getting your mortgage advice services is already a pain. You have to jump through a load of hoops to make your new home happen.

The choice of who to speak to falls into three mortgage advisers –

  1. An independent mortgage adviser
  2. The mortgage adviser at an estate agent
  3. The mortgage adviser at the bank

You may think that there is little between the three, but that’s just not the case. Check out the difference each of these mortgage advice services offer below.

Why choose?

It might feel easier to just speak to the first one you come across. For many that will be the mortgage adviser at the estate agent. The mortgage advice services offered her will be presented as the best – that’s their job. But it might not be the best option for you. The mortgage adviser at the estate agent will most probably have a fee for their services. They won’t have access to all of the market, in all likelihood.

Mortgage Advice Services - count the pennies

Mortgage Advice Services And You

You may have better options available. An independent mortgage adviser offers mortgage advice services that can access lenders that the estate agent can’t. And they don’t always charge a fee for their advice. This can mean you save money in two ways –

  1. Lower or no fees to access advice
  2. Lower monthly payments if they find a better deal for you

Consider speaking to an independent mortgage adviser to begin with. It might be worth your while. The bigger estate agents sometimes have exclusive special offer deals available, though.

And then there is your bank. They can help you find a deal based on their experience with you but beware that they only have access to mortgages offered by the bank. The other mortgage advice services options will be able to source deals with a wider range of lenders. Your choice is really important. It can be the difference between getting a mortgage or not. Don’t close your mind to the different choices. My book will help you get the lowdown on mortgages and what they mean for you.

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