A Clean Home Is A Sold Home

A Clean Home

I’m continuing from previous blog entries. I’m looking at what your potential buyers want to feel when they’re in your home. A clean home is a sold home.

It is feelings that will make a massive difference when someone is looking to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on property. This is not the same thought process as spending a few pounds on a box of washing powder. 

The Feeling of cleanliness is a very important factor when looking at buying a home. People want to see a clean home, one that appears to have been well looked after by the current owner. I’m not talking about immaculate. It needs to look lived in. Any potential buyer will understand that if the property is lived in it won’t be spotless . The areas to concentrate on are the kitchen and bathroom. These need to be very clean. They are areas that viewers will consider as most important in the cleanliness stakes. It’s where they will be preparing food and cleaning themselves and their family. Anyone would want to think that the home has been kept well looked after, well maintained and isn’t hiding anything nasty.

A Clean Home

An Example From The Real World

One rather extreme example I have is when we were letting out a flat. We showed one man and his daughter around and they absolutely loved it. Just as we were stood in the living room discussing payments and moving-in dates the daughter started jumping up and down and screaming. Where the flat had been left unclean, a particular spot on the carpet had been infested by fleas which were now biting the daughter.  Needless to say, they didn’t take the flat and the owner had a bill from pest control.

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