A Lack Of Housing Stock: What Will The Government Do?

A Lack Of Housing Stock

This is an article from 2014, but the problem hasn’t gone away. A lack of housing stock is an issue that hits all of us – estate agents, homeowners, home buyers.

I’ve moved away from the narrower issues regarding Estate Agency this week. It’s for a quick look at a much wider issue that needs to be resolved. And for the benefit of all of us.

I know it’s not a catchy title of mine. But the simple truth of the matter is that EA Today has hit the nail on the head. The rise in demand by making finance easier has not solved the problem that a lack of supply will continue to cause in the long term. Basic level solutions include-

  • Incentives for house builders to build more homes
  • A support structure for people who want to take the self-build option
  • Ensuring that the changes to the planning process are followed by local authorities
A Lack Of Housing Stock

What Can Be Done?

In addition to this, I feel that a new Governmental department to look at derelict and empty properties across the UK would benefit the housing stock immensely.  It could have local departments that survey their surrounding area for vacant and unused properties.  They can work with the owners to sell or let out any property that is viable. And use enforcement powers where necessary on derelict or unsafe property.  They would also be able to identify possible development sites and involve the land owners in looking at permission and construction on these sites if there was an interest.

It may be unjustifiable in the short-term economic climate of austerity and Governmental cuts. But in the long-term it will unusable stock and vacant sites into usable homes for people in a population that it growing beyond all previous expectations.

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