Having worked in many different roles in the property industry, we thought it was about time to shine a light on what makes it tick. There isn’t enough financial education in schools. And when it comes to buying or selling property, there is not help and some pretty eye-watering sums at play. We couldn’t sit on the sidelines any more and watch people play with their property purchases like it was Monopoly money. We knew it was time to act.

And that’s were Buy Home Sell Home was born. The future is bright, as long as you go into it with enough knowledge and information to make the right decisions. We put together our experience to help you. Experience gathered in many roles

Mortgage Adviser

Estate Agent

Property Developer

Insurance Adviser

Lettings Agent

Estate Agency Trainer

Bank Manager

And many more

Pulling together all of this experience allows us to give you the inside track on property. And to help you make the most of buying and selling property – whether this is to live in or as an investment.

We Are Here to Help

All of the advice on these pages will help you understand and get the most from your property. Being involved in a property transaction can be an exciting thing if you know what you are doing. Conversely it can be something filled with dread if you rely on others to make it happen.

This site is filled with answers to all your property-related questions, including –

  • What is the best way to get a mortgage?
  • Is buying really better than renting?
  • Can I make money from property auctions?
  • What can I do to make my home more saleable?

Research is the key to being successful in the property market. We all want a good deal, so don’t stop learning. Saving a few percent here and there can really add up to thousands and thousands of pounds on every transaction – tens of thousands or more over the course of your life.

So, click through and check out the part of the site that is most relevant to you. There’s even a section for all you estate agents out there. We know there isn’t enough training, guidance and support given by estate agencies so check out our guides on how to make the most of your profession – while looking after the all-important customers at the same time.


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