An Appraisal Is More Than The Asking Price

asking price

I have worked with a lot of Estate Agents – particularly valuers – who think that being able to get the asking price correct at the appraisal appointment is the be-all-and-end-all of their role in estate agency. It’s not.

Personally, I would rather not even talk about the asking price – it’s largely irrelevant in this meeting.  It should be about building a rapport, selling your service, emphasizing your unique selling points and impressing the potential vendors.

asking price

So, What Can You Do?

Here are a few small “musts” to ensure that this meeting is as successful as possible-

Try to ensure that all parties to the sale are present.  If you are only meeting one person from a couple, then all your rapport building may go to waste when the other party to the sale adds their weight to the decision-making process.  They will want the key points of asking price and fee and will probably make their decision based on these two factors.

Set the agenda for the meeting.  Don’t be railroaded into a tour of the house, answering questions as soon as you walk through the door, or any other distractions.  The best way to approach every appraisal is to carry it out in the same way as every appraisal.  Have a set agenda, where you explain your service and unique selling points up front to ensure that the potential vendor understands what you do for your fee.  This will win through more often than not.

Have your research with you.  This shows organisation and professionalism, as you will probably know the asking price before you even walk through the door.  You can show your client comparable properties and where their property will sit in the market against the competition.

If you don’t sign them up there and then, agree when you will next speak.  For me, this is essential for all aspects of customer service management and estate agency.  If they have other agents to speak to, then find out when they will see the other agents, when they will make a decision, and then agree to give them a call back to discuss.  Also invite them to call you back in the interim, if they have any questions or want any clarification.

Great estate agents know their value. Do you know yours?

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