Choosing An Estate Agent Is About Looking Beyond Their Cost

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The seventh rule of choosing an agent is to find out how they market your home

The final rule – and a very important one. You need to know what the estate agent will do to ensure you get your home sold for the best price possible in a timescale that meets your needs. Sure, they will put it on some of the property portals, maybe put it in the newspaper and advertise it in their window and website, but there is more to marketing a home than this. Social media plays a large part in getting your home seen in the modern day, so find out what presence your potential agents have there – and how they use it.

Choice is about more than cost

What To Ask?

Other questions to ask include-

  • How many people do they have on their books looking for a home like yours?
  • Do they have other similar properties on their books?  If so, for how long have they been on the books?  If it’s been a while, why haven’t they sold yet?
  • How will they contact you?
  • How do they report feedback from viewings to give back to you?

Take all this into consideration when you have spoken to all 3 estate agents and then make an informed decision on the agent that will do the most to sell your home at the best possible price in a timescale that suits your needs.

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