Complaints Against Estate Agents

Complaints Against Estate Agents

Complaints to the ombudsman about estate agents rose 25% in 2014 – come on, guys, you can do better than this. Complaints against estate agents should be reduced.

The article suggests two areas of complaint that can be easily rectified. These are for the good of customers, individual agents and the industry as a whole.

Communication Issues

This is an ongoing issue and common perception with the public about estate agents. Even of there is no news, you must call your clients when you say you will.  Agree a communication schedule with your vendor at the outset.

I will call you once a week on a Friday afternoon with a marketing update.

You are off work on a Wednesday morning. So, I will call you fortnightly on a Wednesday, starting on the 7th May.

I’d suggest even writing this in your contract. The agent that communicates with their vendors gets the best feedback, gets the timely, informed price reductions, tells their vendors of the efforts they are putting in to sell their home and get the most sales.

Customers feel valued and make less complaints.

Complaints Against Estate Agents

Secrecy over fees and charges

This is linked to the wider communication issues. And I believe is driven by the fear of being undercut by a rival.  This in itself is a symptom of an estate agent that isn’t clear about their proposition.  If you charge 2% and give the most fantastic service then explain to your potential clients why you are worth 2%, why you are different, what the extra fee will mean to them and how your superior marketing will get them 3% extra on their sale price.

If you know what you offer and how good it is then you will have more confidence in stating your fees. And in supporting the fees with evidence of why you are worth it.

The vendors who want to push down the price may not be as motivated as you would like them to be. Great estate agents think differently.

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