Landlords And An Empty Home

empty home

Traditionally the housing market starts to wind down at this time of the year, and this year is no exception. People are looking to buy or rent houses at the moment. If you are a landlord with an empty home, then you need to protect it.

In terms of buying a property, this can mean that the number of new opportunities coming to the market are few and far between from now until the weather gets better.

But that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to do for the property investor or landlord. The weather that is a factor in the market slowing down is also a factor in your activity levels now. You should be looking at the following inspections as a landlord-

  • Checking drains and gutter for blockages
  • Checking drainage on gardens and driveways
  • Looking at whether falling leaves are causing an issue
  • Inspection if the boiler and central heating system
  • Making sure radiators are sound, and bled
  • Talking to your tenants about air circulation and condensation
empty home

Looking After An Empty Home

These are factors that will only take a short inspection but that will improve the maintenance of your property, the comfort of your tenants and the relationship you have with them. I know that many landlords don’t tend to look at these areas but they are a low-cost really helpful way of keeping on top of things. And I regularly look at the condition of my properties and request that the tenants mow the lawn, clear up leaves or any other small maintenance job that I think needs attention.

I think that certain common maintenance jobs are part and parcel of the tenants responsibilities. And you can reasonably ask the question that they are taken care of. And we’ve also got tips on how to sell an empty home too.

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