Estate Agents: Is A High Street Presence Necessary?

A High Street presence

I was just reading an article on the Century21 UK website about the added marketing value of having a High Street presence and the “estate agents window.”

And in a previous blog, I looked at maintaining a presence in a town or City centre when most commercial units in centres are designated for retail or food use.  This blog was entitled “In the real World, where are you seen as an Estate Agent?”

Now the move for consumers to conduct approximately 80% of their estate agency activity online does not correspond to the “estate agents window” theory of Century21 UK.  So who is right? Because paying £10,000+ per annum on a High Street presence needs to deliver a really good return to justify.

There are two solutions.  One seems a logical extension of the current trend to technology, where the other tries to offer a low-cost version of the current status quo.

High street newcastle

What Else Can You Do?

Make your website homepage resemble an estate agents window as this will give “browsers” an initial opportunity to look at the inside of your bigger homes, get all aspirational and look further into your offering.  You will still need all the traditional navigation parts of the website, but the main page will look as though they are looking into your “window.”

Hire a local window space to show off your stock.  A local shop that doesn’t use it’s window space (a newsagents for example) or an empty unit, either with a decent passing trade.  You will rent a window from them and conduct your display in there.  It’s extra income for the retailer or landlord of an empty shop and it’s the High Street presence, the “estate agents window” that will satisfy your non-computer literate clients. Great estate agents will do this.

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