Why Home Staging Works

home staging

Home staging is a big thing in the United States and other markets. But it has never really made it here yet. But it can be incredibly effective if you know what to do – or where to look. Home staging isn’t spoken about much. But it changes the way your home looks. And the end result is that it attracts buyers.

This again falls into the category of something that your estate agent usually won’t help you with directly. You do, however need your estate agent to do a little ground work for you if you can get them to. What you need to know is exactly who is coming to view the property and some background information about them. This is vital to enable you to tailor your approach to the audience you will be meeting. Having this information will allow you to make sure that your home is ready for the people that walk through that door to view.

home staging

What Home Staging Means

This may be predictable for a number of properties – a family home will attract a family as potential buyers, a 1 bed flat will attract singles or young couples, etc but you need to know who will be visiting and have a set plan ready to appeal to these potential buyers.

This can be best looked at through a series of examples and it’s all about making the viewer who is looking to buy your property see themselves in your home and sees themselves living a certain life in that home.  It’s all about lifestyles, comfort and people’s ability to see themselves in your home.

I’ll look at these examples over the coming blog entries. Are you looking to sell a home? Do you want more ideas like these? My Amazon Kindle books are available now.

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