Kerb Appeal And Your Home

kerb appeal

Continuing on the theme of what you buyers want to feel in you home that you have for sale is a feeling of maintenance. This is linked to the previous blog on feeling of cleanliness. Kerb appeal is vitally important.

Any potential viewers want to see that the property is well-maintained, as well as clean. Now is the time to take care of any snagging jobs. Especially in the front of the house or front garden. These are the areas that potential buyers will see first. Whether that is from the marketing photos that your estate agent uses or from viewing. There is a lot said and written about kerb appeal and there is some truth in it.

“kerb appeal definition

noun UK     

› PROPERTY the ​qualities of a ​building that make it attractive, for ​example to a ​buyer, when it is seen from the street:

First ​impressions really are important – so make sure your ​house has kerb ​appeal!”

kerb appeal sells homes

What Does Kerb Appeal Mean For Me?

A clean, well-maintained front of house and garden will create a great first impression for your potential buyers as they pass. Many potential buyers will have a drive past your home when it comes on the market. They do this before contacting your estate agent for more details and a request to view your home. Also people want to believe that the property is not only well-maintained but easily maintained when they move in.

The idea that they will have to move in and then start work on putting the property back into working order isn’t an attractive prospect. They don’t want to move in and have 101 jobs to do. If they believe this then their estimation of your home’s worth will be much lower. If they are interested at all. This will result in lower offers. And probably quite a frustrating time for you whilst your home is on the market.

The opposite effect to this is a home that is well-maintained and looks ready to move in to. This gives the effect for the potential buyer that the property is ready to live in. And their estimation of the value of your home increases. It’s a simple case of speculate (small) to accumulate (large.)

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