Marketing Your Home: Feedback Is King

marketing your home

Feedback changes the way you look at marketing your home.

This is what the general public feels about you home now that they have viewed it.  Don’t forget that to get to your front door they have found it somewhere (probably on the internet) then made contact with the state agent, looked at further details and then made an appointment to see your home.  They have bought what you and the estate agent have presented to a degree that they have made time in their life to view your home.  If from that point they don’t want to make an offer on your home then you want to know exactly why. 

This is the chance of finding out what you can tweak or change to make a better chance of the next person making an offer.  Don’t let your estate agent miss out on this.  As a seller I want to know how many other properties the potential buyer is viewing. And when the estate agent has agreed to speak to them to gather their feedback.  This needs to be quality time set aside to have a decent conversation with the potential buyer. This is to establish in detail what they thought of your home.  Preferably on a room-by-room basis.

marketing your home and feedback

Marketing Your Home

Only from this detailed feedback can you work out what the market is thinking.  If, for example, the market wants a better flow from kitchen to dining areas then you can make some small changes to make that happen.  If the market thinks your bedroom is too small, then you can de-clutter or move furniture around.

Your home is a hugely valuable asset. And you want to make the most when marketing it. With this in mind, get as much feedback as you possibly can. It can help you to change the way you present your property. Marketing can be a fine art. But without information it is guesswork. Look for feedback. It will transform the way you operate when marketing your home.

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