Property Feedback And How It Helps Sell A Home

property feedback

I’m looking at the feedback that you get from your estate agent after people have viewed your home for sale. Property feedback transforms the way you sell your home.

The most crucial point is – what is the property feedback?

This is by far the most important point, and this is where a good estate agent makes their money. Don’t forget that an estate agent does not make any money until they sell your home. And they spend all their money up front trying to sell your home. It is in their best interest to speak to everyone who views your home. They should find out exactly what they think about it.

The comments range from-

the diplomatic but quite frankly useless (“it’s not for us”)


something more constructive (“the master bedroom felt small and dark”)

property feedback

Property Feedback And You

And it’s by having the constructive feedback that’s gathered at the time by your estate agent that you can move and act upon. Details such as the second example above give you the opportunity to make the master bedroom feel bigger and lighter. You could cut back trees from the window, add a lamp. Maybe move some furniture out. You could add a mirror. Possibly paint the walls a lighter colour. Or a whole range of things that can start to adjust potential buyers view of the room.

It’s by pressing your estate agent for constructive and detailed feedback that you can understand any alterations you need to make. This is to ensure your home sells for the best price in a timeframe that’s acceptable to you.

If you’re looking to sell your home and want more ideas and tips like this then my books are available now. Check them out today. I’m sure they will help you understand what it going on. The more knowledge you have, the better you will find the process of selling a home.

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