Do You Need To Carry Out Any Of These Small Works To Your Home In Order To Sell?

small works

Well, there is an incredibly short answer to this, an incredibly long answer and a sensible middle-ground that we will be looking at today. The small works on your home could transform the way it appears.

The incredibly short answer is “Yes!”

The incredibly long answer involves looking at all the possible expenditures and concluding through statistical analysis what percentage of the expenditure you would add to the value of the home, and therefore retain. We don’t have time for this.

Let’s look at small works

small works such as painting

Small Works

Any small works that improve the look and feel of the home without much or any expenditure are a must. This includes any fixing – 

  • broken door handles
  • doorbells
  • stair rails
  • light fittings
  • taps
  • skirting boards
  • coving
  • any paint touch-ups
  • peeling wallpaper
  • cleaning carpets
  • fraying curtains
  • in fact anything that looks a little tatty or uncared for

This will give your home the impression and feeling that it is looked after. Once this impression is created, people stop looking past the small fixes for bigger, hidden problems. If your home looks uncared for at the basic level, then it makes people wonder and worry about potential larger problems.

Most of all, your home has its greatest impact when it first appears on the market, when it first appears on the property portals, when it first appears in the newspaper and when your viewers first see it. This is when it must be at its best. This is when it needs to shine. Please make sure it does!

Having your property shine as much as it can gives you a head start at just the right time. If you’re looking to sell your property and want as many ideas, hints and tips as possible, then my Amazon Kindle eBooks are available now.

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