Stage Your Home To Sell To A Young Couple

young couple

This is a continuation of the current theme of the blog, on creating an event in your home to suit your potential buyers. And this is to help your home to sell for more money in a timeframe that’s acceptable to you. The first part on creating an event can be found here.

I’m looking at specific examples. And I think that the following is another good example of how making things a little different to your average viewing helps to get the viewer to feel at home straight away.

Example 2 – Young couple

These potential buyers will also want an experience when visiting, but this will, of course, be a different experience. I would suggest a drink – alcoholic if they are not driving, good quality coffee or tea if they are. I would also suggest that it is a good idea to have some nibbles strategically placed in the area you will congregate and discuss things. Some background music or music TV would also add to the appeal and make the potential viewers feel at home during the viewing process.

young couple

Mood lighting makes a difference as well. The beginning and end of the tour should have the feel of friends coming round for a meal or dinner party. So, you should be congregating in the lounge or kitchen-diner, relaxing, having a drink and talking. This may come naturally to some and maybe not so naturally to others. But it helps if it is thought through and planned.

Again you need the estate agents help with this. You need to know whether it’s a couple or a single, age, gender and whether they are viewing on the way home from work, on a day off, driving, walking, caching the train, tube, bus. These things will make a difference to the experience that you are able to offer people. You will immediately know what to cater for.

Are you looking to sell your home? Looking to do things a little differently? Looking to make the most of the market?

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