Top 20 Property Turn-Offs And How The Estate Agent Can Help

property turn offs

I found this list published online recently and it itemises the votes that people have cast in respect of their Top 20 property turn-offs. The results are-

  1. Damp patches, stained walls or ceilings – 67%
  2. Poor state of repair, rotten windows – 60%
  3. No parking – 55%
  4. No garden – 54%
  5. Bad smells (pets, damp, food, cigarettes) – 53%
  6. Unfinished building work – 53%
  7. Poor natural light/dark rooms – 46%
  8. Small rooms – 45%
  9. Bad DIY – 42%
  10. Small kitchen – 40%
  11. Dirty house – 36%
  12. Stone cladding, render or pebble dash on outside walls – 27%
  13. Wooden windows – 23%
  14. Outdated kitchen – 23%
  15. Overgrown garden – 21%
  16. Artex or textured ceilings – 19%
  17. General untidiness – 16%
  18. Dated or over the top carpets – 14%
  19. Cluttered rooms – 13%
  20. Dated or over the top decor – 13%

And these are reported to be from viewings experiences of potential home buyers. What strikes me about the list is the number of areas that could have so easily been avoided.

property turn offs

How Can The Estate Agent Help?

Now lack of parking or a small kitchen can’t really be changed too much without a large expenditure but many other of these could be dealt with so easily by homeowners with the professional help of their estate agent. So change it. I’ve often advocated in my blog the need for estate agents to help their clients have the property ready for market. This includes the advice needed to have the property ready for marketing photographs and for viewings.

Damp patches, bad smells, a dirty house, an overgrown garden, general untidiness and cluttered rooms are really basic level changes that will immediately transform these letting of your clients property without much expense. And you need to out a plan in place to either deal with anything else you find in this list – either with the vendor or to find a way of answering any questions that the potential buyer may have regarding these issues.

I think that a policy of complete honesty with your clients and a plan between you and then time sure that the property is presented to its best. So make it happen. This puts it in the best position to get the highest price in a timeframe that is acceptable to them.

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